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    About Us

    Trilogía is a Santa Cruz wellness company on a mission to make product experiences and tell stories that address real human needs, for every generation.

    In Spanish, "Trilogía" means three stories.

    The three stories that are central to our brand are humans, nature, and cannabis.

    We believe that through cannabis experiences, it’s possible for people to feel more balanced with life.

    We understand that cannabis is still a taboo subject. Because of this, we offer the highest-quality cannabis experiences as well as all-natural, holistic, plant-based healing that can deliver the promise of cannabis without using cannabinoids at all. We think this is an essential mission because there are so many preconceived notions around marijuana, CBD, THC, and the entire industry in general.

    Terpenes are unique to the plant world. They create scents and flavors in everything in nature. They work synergistically with and without cannabinoids and other botanicals to restore homeostasis in the human body. Our products are proprietary, liposomal blends of terpenes, adaptogens, and nootropics with one targeted need state in mind. Some include CBD; some don’t.

    The fact is, in cannabis, there are hundreds of medicinal compounds—including cannabinoids and terpenes. They have been used for millennia to help with three essential needs: Sleeping, Healing, and the Human Mind (focus, transcendence, spirituality, productivity).

    We’ve identified the terpenes that amplify cannabis’s powerful benefits by analyzing a variety of different cannabis strains and investing in R&D that uncovers how these strains affect human physiology. Specifically, when it comes to cannabis terpenes, we’ve extracted them from other natural plants that aren’t cannabis. It’s important to note that the chemical compounds of terpenes don’t vary from different species of plants. Linalool found in lavender is the same as Linalool found in cannabis. We’ve combined these terpenes—using a process we call Terpenes+™—with several other natural botanicals and adaptogens to create a unique molecular profile that delivers the same benefits of cannabis without any cannabis in it at all.

    This process utilizes specific Cell-G8 liposomal technology, which was developed by a world-class team of engineers, chemists, PhDs, and businessmen. We produce our products in a state-of-the-art facility that breaks each ingredient down to the molecular level, wraps it in a microscopic layer of fat, and combines them into one consistent elixir that is 20x-50x more bioavailable than standard supplements1.

    Each one of our products has passed through several hands during the development phase, including chemists, Ayurvedic herbalists, cannabis cultivators, doctors, and molecular biologists. Every ingredient is third party tested and tested twice again after they arrive at our manufacturing facility.

    We’ve taken great care with the taste profile of our products. We have gone through multiple iterations to ensure our products work well and taste great. They’re sophisticated, all-natural, and accessible—with complex flavor profiles from beginning to end. We want people to fall in love with our products and stay in love. We want to build a long-term relationship with our customers, so we’ve made experiences that are supported not only through research and development but through content—and stories.

    With content, our goal is to educate you about the powerful healing qualities of cannabis and its compounds. We also want to entertain you and create a resource for whatever stage you are in your cannabis journey. Beyond that, we want to introduce you to Santa Cruz and the extraordinary people who live there, who are radically innovating the cannabis space. Trilogia was founded in Santa Cruz; it’s where most of the knowledge-base for this company originated. All of the formulas were conceived in Santa Cruz, although we did leverage multi thought-leaders from different states and countries to develop this line of projects. In this way, Trilogia truly reflects the heart of Santa Cruz: a rich and diverse community of dreamers and doers. It’s humans and nature, coexisting at their best.

    We hope you enjoy what you’re experiencing with us so far. We’re genuinely enjoying the experience cannabis has provided us as well. If you’re ever in Santa Cruz, give us a shout. Maybe you can tour our founder’s farm or stop by our headquarters. Or if you’d like, follow us on social and share your human nature, canna experience. Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest @mytrilogia.

    —Cal, President of Trilogia