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    CBD Liposomal Formula

    A super fast-acting CBD tincture with botanicals, adaptogens, and terpenes designed to enhance mood and alleviate stress within minutes.

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    Vegan Ingredients

    Sustainably Sourced



    A Potent Remedy to Chill Out



    Get in the mood and feel the vibes

    Feel Good

    Feel Good

    Clear the mind to enjoy the moment



    Naturally relieve whole body tension

    Lounge Origin

    Lounge Origin

    Lounge is designed with the right blend of CBD and botanicals to get you and those you love in the perfect chill zone. Enjoy yourself and your partner more with this unique relaxation product formulated to ease you into whatever the evening holds. 

    The Future of Relaxation Innovated in Santa Cruz, CA

    • A NATURAL SOLUTION FOR YOUR BUSY LIFESTYLEAn innovative blend of all-natural ingredients, Trilogia Lounge helps with total body relaxation, targets inflammation, and increases circulation.
    • UNWIND WITHOUT WINEA guilt-free, zero-calorie alternative to wine, Lounge  contains no alcohol or psychoactive ingredients.  Simply chill out - with no hangover.
    • THE HIGHEST STANDARDSAlways 100% free of chemicals, additives, and pesticides, our organicly-grown cannabis uses industry-leading extraction methods. See for yourself below.

    Scientifcally Different & More Effective

    Lounge is engineered using a break-through system which wraps all of our ingredients in a lipid called a “liposome”.

    a small amount of nutrients absorb slowly

    a small amount of nutrients absorb slowly


    Under your tongue are thousands of tiny blood vessels called capillaries which absorb the CBD directly into your bloodstream, rather than traveling all the way through your digestive system. 

    One dose of Lounge safely delivers between 300-600mg of CBD. Most CBD edibles contain between 10-30mg.  

    Our proprietary liposomal blend delivers the relaxing effects of Lounge up to 15x faster than similar CBD products. So just just a little goes a long

    way quite fast.  

    a large amount of nutrients absorb quickly*

    a large amount of nutrients absorb quickly*


    Our technology protect the protects the nutrients from your stomach, and delivers them directly into your bloodstream.

    *Our clinical trial confirmed 70% bio availability which absorbs into the system within minutes
    Lounge Key Ingredients:

    Lounge Key Ingredients:

    • Hemp Oil Extract
    • B-Caryophyllene
    • Limonene
    • Boswellia Root Extract
    • B-Pinene
    • Holy Basil
    • L-Theanine
    • Cinsulin

    Meet our formulators

    Our core experts team in biochemistry, Ayurvedic medicine, and lipid technology, innovated our formulas making sure that each bottle contains the latest and most effective remedies.

    Sera Passalaqua

    Sera Passalaqua

    Lead Formulator

    With a bachelors in plant biology and chemistry from Humbolt State University, Sera has worked exclusively in the field of cannabis for over 6 years, predominantly researching terpenes and cannabinoids.

    Hardip Kalsi

    Hardip Kalsi

    Lead Chemist

    In addition to having a masters in biochemistry and molecular biology, Hardip has over 13 years of experience in cannabinoid-to-body interface, and a background in ayurvedic medicine.

    Dr. Emek Blair

    Dr. Emek Blair

    Lead Biochemist

    Dr. Emek has worked with plant-based medicines for over 15 years, leading to several advanced discoveries that has given him a unique perspective on the potential of cannabinoids and terpenes.  


    what should i mix lounge with?

    Lounge can be mixed with sparkling water, ginger ale, orange juice, cranberry juice, or just about anything! We recommend mixing with sparkling water in the company of friends at the end of a long day. Let us know some of your favorite mixers on our socials!

    what dose should i take?

    We recommend starting with 1 dose, or 1 dropper-full (1ml) and working your way up to find your optimal chill.

    how will lounge make me feel?

    Due to the liposomal delivery system, you will begin to feel your worries melt away and become euphorically untroubled after 10-15 min. 

    where should i store lounge?

    Trilogia Lounge should be kept in a cool, dry place, like your refrigerator or mini-bar.  

    Customer Reviews

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    Cal Tester
    Best way to unwind

    Really liked this product, helped me relax during a pretty stressful day of work last week, when I needed it the most.

    Would recommend to anyone.

    Lounge is a thoughtful blend of stress-quelling, mood enhancing botanicals and Full Spectrum CBD to help bring you to a zen state in 10-15 minutes. Start with with 1 dropper-full (1ml) and work your way up to optimal chill.