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    Daily Immunity

    Daily Immunity

    Liposomal Formula

    Great tasting, fast-absorbing, liposomal Vitamin C, fortified with anti-inflammatory terpenes and botanicals to support your immune system.



    Vegan Ingredients

    Sustainably Sourced



    A Potent Elixir for Daily Defense



    Improve joint flexibility



    Boost your body’s natural defenses



    Enhance hair and skin, beautifully

    Daily Immunity Origin

    Kaylee H., working mom

    Daily Immunity Origin

    Trilogia’s Daily Immunity rounds out your daily regimen to keep you feeling healthy all day—especially during cold and flu season. Our formula is packed with three powerhouse ingredients in addition to Vitamin C—Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, and Linalool—that work hand in hand to support your body’s natural defenses. So whether it’s sickness that’s already taken hold or you just want to stay preventive, this liquid oral supplement can help support your immune system and give you and your family peace of mind. An added bonus is that it's easy to discreetly add to smoothies for picky eaters!

    Immune Support Innovated in Santa Cruz, CA

    • CLEAN, POTENT & NATURALTrilogia Daily Immunity delivers a high impact dose of antioxidant rich, liposomal vitamin C at 1000 mg per serving, plus a blend of anti-inflammatory
      terpenes and ginger. 
    • LOADED WITH ANTIOXIDANTSVitamin C - a powerful antioxidant - has been shown to defend the body from free radicals and help maintain a healthy immune system.
    • LOVE IT OR IT’S ON USTrilogia Daily Immunity is a nutritional supplement designed to deliver an advanced, dual-action formula for both immediate and long term immune support. If you don't absolutely love Daily Immunity, we'll refund your money…no questions asked.
    Immune Support

    Scientifically Different & More Effective

    Daily Immunity is engineered using a break-through delivery system which wraps all of our ingredients in a lipid called a “liposome”.

    a small amount of nutrients absorb slowly

    a small amount of nutrients absorb slowly

    Most vitamin C supplements lose their effectiveness as it's broken down in the digestion process. Daily Immunity is a proprietary formula that delivers vitamin C and other key ingredients with the help of liposomes. 

    Liposomes are tiny lipid bubbles designed to carry medicine and nutrients throughout your body as efficiently as possible. They scoop up and bind key active ingredients together and transport them into the bloodstream.

    That’s why just a small dose of Daily Immunity absorbs so quickly into your bloodstream and works its magic for so long.

    a large amount of nutrients absorb quickly*

    a large amount of nutrients absorb quickly*


    Our technology protect the protects the nutrients from your stomach, and delivers them directly into your bloodstream.

    *Clinical Trial 70% bio availability absorbs into the system within minutes
    Daily Immunity Key Ingredients:

    Daily Immunity Key Ingredients:

      Vitamin C




    Meet our formulators

    Our core experts team in biochemistry, Ayurvedic medicine, and lipid technology, innovated our formulas making sure that each bottle contains the latest and most effective remedies.

    Sera Passalaqua

    Sera Passalaqua

    Lead Formulator

    With a bachelors in plant biology and chemistry from Humbolt State University, Sera has worked exclusively in the field of cannabis for over 6 years, predominantly researching terpenes and cannabinoids.

    Hardip Kalsi

    Hardip Kalsi

    Lead Chemist

    In addition to having a masters in biochemistry and molecular biology, Hardip has over 13 years of experience in cannabinoid-to-body interface, and a background in ayurvedic medicine.

    Dr. Emek Blair

    Dr. Emek Blair

    Lead Biochemist

    Dr. Emek has worked with plant-based medicines for over 15 years, leading to several advanced discoveries that have given him a unique perspective on the potential for cannabinoids and terpenes.



    If you are new to taking supplements, start by taking 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of Daily Immunity once a day for the first week as a starting point. After one week, if you don't feel that it's helping, then begin increasing the dose by increments of half a teaspoon until you feel optimal results. Daily Immunity can be taken on its own, but is best taken mixed in a half a glass of water or your favorite beverage. As is the case with any new supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before implementing a new product into your routine


    Prior to opening, Daily Immunity can be stored at room temperature. After opening, Daily Immunity must be refrigerated and can be used for up to 45 days before expiring. 


    Daily Immunity can be mixed with just about any beverage (hot or cold), depending on your taste preferences. The herbal flavor of Daily Immunity comes from terpenes, ginger, and subtle notes of vanilla and orange. Do not mix Daily Immunity in a blender, as that will degrade the liposomes within. Let us know your favorite drink combo on our socials! 



    Take 1 tsp. of Daily Immunity and mix with ½ cup of water. Daily Immunity has an herbal flavor from the terpenes and ginger, with subtle notes of vanilla and orange—and it’s best taken in one shot.