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    Compassionate Care: Masks For Good

    By Hasalyn Modine - 3 min read

    Compassionate Care: Masks For Good

    If you're just finding us for the first time, we are Trilogía, a compassionate care company. 

    What's a Compassionate Care Company?

    For us, compassionate care means sewn into the fiber of our small start-up is the desire to help people. It means that when we set out to create this brand, we did it with you, the people you love, the people we love, their needs, your needs, the needs of the planet, and the magical plants it creates in mind. 

    That's why we got into the cannabis and CBD business, to begin with: to help the people we care about. You. 

    It also means that when people need help outside of products, we step in and help; however we can in whatever way we can. 

    It means when COVID rates began to skyrocket across the US this spring, we paused the launch of our flagship CBD and terpenes products. We pivoted all of our energy and efforts into a non-profit PPE donation campaign called Masks for Good. 

    About Masks For Good

    "I couldn't sleep at night knowing I could be doing something to help people who were risking their lives to protect the people I care about," says Trilogía CEO Federico Tio. And so, after a company call in March 2020, Masks for Good was created. 

    Through a crowdfunding campaign, personal donations from our team, and hundreds of hours of calling, organizing, and outreach, we raised $45,000 in two short weeks. We personally reached out to local and out-of-state hospitals to assess their PPE needs. We worked with our partners and colleagues in China to secure more than 30,000 masks. Within a month, we donated those masks to hospitals across the country. 

    That campaign became part of our company's fabric, and we want to keep giving back as long as we can.

    Compassionate Care Products

    In addition to launching the Masks for Good campaign, we observed a critical shortage of Hand Sanitizer and immune-boosting supplements in the market at the onset of COVID. We knew that those were essential products at that moment in time (and they still are). 

    "We took a pause as a company. We looked at the collection of products we were planning to launch and determined that we had to prioritize people's immediate needs right now, in this new normal. Addressing real human needs is one of our brand's tenets, and right now, people want to protect themselves and the people they love. One way to do that was to create an affordable, effective hand cleansing product," said Cal Chan, President of Trilogía. 

    We once again put our official brand launch on pause and quickly put our heads together with our manufacturing partners and formulators to create products that answered those needs as well. That's how we came up with Daily Immunity vitamin C and Hand Cleanse hand sanitizing spray. 

    We committed to donating a portion of the profits of the sales of Hand Cleanse to our Masks for Good PPE donation efforts. Since June, we have donated more than 20,000 additional masks to food banks and healthcare clinics in an ongoing partnership with inthistogether.supportand Alameda Health System in Alameda County, CA. 

    Cannabis For Greater Good 

    Compassionate care, for Trilogía, is a movement, not a moment. Giving back is a driving force behind our brand. We'll finally release our long-awaited cannabis and cannabis-inspired elixirs, products made to address multigenerational needs, in October. To help you sleep, help you heal, help you feel balanced, and help you chill out in this high anxiety time. 

    And there's more giving back on the way - thank you for supporting our small but mighty team on our quest to make compassionate care a part of everyone's everyday life.