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    Terpene Tuesdays: Calm-Inducing Playlist For a High Anxiety Week

    By Hasalyn Modine - 2 min read

    Terpene Tuesdays: Calm-Inducing Playlist For a High Anxiety Week

    It’s only Tuesday, it has been a WEEK.

    Fortunately, Mother Nature always provides. Read on for Terpene and CBD pairings to reduce anxiety, and enjoy our calming, nature-inspired Spotify playlist to help you quiet your mind, and soothe your body when the hamster wheel of anxiety kicks in.

    Cannabis For Anxiety

    A lot of cannabis’ active ingredients also have stress-relieving properties. For example, CBD – a common cannabinoid in cannabis – has the ability to reduce anxiety and create more resilience to stress. In one study, patients with social anxiety disorder were asked to give a speech in public. Those given a large dose of CBD before the speech reported significantly less anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance than those who were given a placebo. This suggests CBD can make a big difference in your anxiety levels and help prevent anxiety in response to stressful situations.  

    Terpene + CBD Pairings To Reduce Anxiety

    Daytime Chill: CBD + Limonene + Alpha-Pinene + L-Theanine

    Research shows that when CBD and limonene (a cannabis terpene also found in citrus) are used synergistically they offer even more anxiety relief than either can alone. Alpha-pinene (an anxiety-relieving terpene in cannabis and pine needles), can help too. Since both terpenes are known to be energetic and focusing – they are a perfect combination for getting things done.

    Add the adaptogen L-theanine, known for its calm-inducing qualities (it’s responsible for the sense of peace you get when you drink green tea), and you have an excellent daytime mix for stress relief.

    Happy Hour Chill: CBD + Trans-Nerolidol + Beta-Caryophyllene + Ginger 

    You probably want to avoid public spaces right now – and cannabis is perfect for unwinding at home. Trans-nerolidol is a terpene prized for its anti-anxiety effects. In fact, in the only study researching specific cannabis varieties for anxiety, it was the terpene most associated with anxiety relief from cannabis, followed by beta-caryophyllene. This second terpene can help you unwind your whole body because it can relieve pain and inflammation as well, making you more physically comfortable.

    Add ginger and CBD to this (adaptogens that also aid with anxiety, pain, and inflammation) and you’ve got a blissful cocktail to accompany an evening in, or help you stay calm with your friends.

    Chill To Sleep: CBD + Linalool + Myrcene + Passion Flower 

    Getting to sleep right now can be difficult, especially if you’re scrolling through the day’s top headlines. If you are looking for a blend to help you drift off to sleep, try CBD with two terpenes known for their sedative and relaxing properties, linalool and myrcene. All three of these compounds are helpful for anxiety,  as well as falling and staying asleep. Add adaptogenic passionflower to the mix for an added dose of sleepiness. This herb is known to help with insomnia and will add to the sedative blend.

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    Terpene Tuesdays: Calm List

    This list is created with the calming sounds of Santa Cruz in mind. Enjoy the ocean, walk in the forest, or find your flow with some anxiety-reducing binaural beats. You’ve got this.

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